VA – 5 Years of House Vol.1

This is the first part of a selection of the best releases in this 5 years of Quimika Records. Going through minimal house, progressive house and techno. Including releases from Federico Giust, Chemars, Rocha & Lewinger, Thee-O, Facundo Mohrr and more.

Supported by James Zabiela, Sander Kleinenberg, Filth & Splendour, Catastrophic, Bs As Deep and much more…

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Mathias Frisa – Hot Cars ::: OUT NOW

Mathias Frisa does a great debut with a Hot EP. Filled with old school kind of sound and a very interesting groove in it. This two track housy ep is great for any kind of party to get the people in the right mood. Starting with Hot Cars, with kind of a deep house track with nice stabs and interesting vocals. Then we move to Librium a bit darker than Hot Cars which can also work great on after hours. Finishing the EP with Federico’s remix of Librium, putting a bit more groove and taking things a bit deeper into the track.

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Martin Duran – Overwhelming ::: OUT NOW

Martin Duran makes his debut on Quimika Records with his first release of his career. This shows from the beginning a very professional studio work, which had as a result a very hypnotic, deep, minimalistic and techno track. This EP comes as a great package with remixes by Martin Domenack, Hansi Ruting and label head Federico Giust.  Giving you a bit for every ear.The original mix, has a bit of hypnotic, deep, minimalistic and techno vibe on it. With a simple but effective stab and vocals to get the people on the right mood.Martin Domenack keeps the deep vibe, giving the track a more minimalistic flavor. The vocals come and go and turn inside your head on this version. Good for warm ups or afterhours.Federico Giust gives the original a more tech house feeling. With deep strong basslines to drive you slowly to the right place. Great on warm ups or after hours.Hansi Ruting shows what he is capable of by giving stronger beats and basslines to the track. Filled with fx and a nice groove work well on main hour sets as well as warm ups.

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Federico Giust – SW16 EP ::: Out Now at (Supported by D-Nox, Kasey Taylor, Paco Osuna and more)

Federico Giust is back once again on Quimika Records, with one of his deepest house EP up to date. It is the label’s 72nd release and comes after six month of hard studio work.

Federico has been producing, remixing and getting his influences such has Moonharbour or Desolat sorted, to improve his sound and achieve a deeper and underground release.

The first track SW16 comes straight from the sound of London, where he’s based nowadays. You will find strong and deep percussive grooves, since the beginning of the track. It also includes hypnotic vocals on the back, accompanied with some old school stabs. Works great during warm ups, or with percussive sets.

The second track Yeah, has a more underground sound. It has an after hour feeling on it. With simple, deep and hypnotic grooves. With this EP, Federico tries to captivate the sound of London, by mixing it with his own to achieve something hypnotic and deep to keep you moving.

This release was supported by many important artists and media of the industry such as: Paco Osuna, D-Nox, Matt John, Simina Grigoriu, Alexi Delano, Dj Chus, Anthony Pappa, Franco Bianco, Terry Francis, Danny Tenaglia, Someone Else, Resident Advisor, De-Bug, Marco Carola, Martin Eyerer, Igloo Mag, DJFORUM.IT Magazine, Radio Couleur 3, My Nightlife FM and Volcano Radio between many others.